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With your personalized MyHxCare, you can access your health history, view your lab results, book appointments with your physician, email your physician, have an e-visit with your health care provider, receive your prescription, and pay your bills.

MyHxCare gives you an e-card. MyHxCare allows our partner physicians and hospitals to view your health history to make informed medical decisions. MyHxCare is an on-the-go medical app which you and your physician and hospital can access 24/7.

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Manage Health Records

With MyHxCare mobile application you can manage your health records easily on the go.

Get Appointment

Request an appointment from one of our partners. You can also schedule appointment with a non-partner.

24/7 Nurses Access

A nurse can come to your home and attend to your health needs. You can also e-visit or chat with your nurse.

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You can book appointment, pay your bills, have an e-card, e-visit with your physician and do so many other things. MyHxCare is a patient-centered app that empowers you to make important health decisions.


Empowering everyone to be responsible for their health.

MyHxCare is a one-stop healthcare app designed with you in mind. With MyHxCare, you will have your medical records at your fingertips.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

Join others who manage their care through MyHxCare. Get Our App for free!