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MyHxCare is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform. 


A nurse can attend to you or your lovely parent. Book appointment with one.
Our system and customer support are readily available all round the week.

For your peace of mind

State of the art modern health care

MyHxCare gives you an e-card. MyHxCare allows our partner physicians and hospitals to view your health history to make informed medical decisions. MyHxCare is an on-the-go medical app which you and your physician and hospital can access 24/7.


Quality and Safety

MyHxCare is dedicated to quality and safety of your health history and records. Confidentiality is our top priority at myHxCare. We also value precision.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are an inclusive and diverse company. Our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion by actively creating a workplace environment free of harassment and bullying and promote the advancement of underrepresented groups through professional development, education, and training.


Currently looking for people to fill the following voluntary positions: Global Executive Director (candidate must be an MD). Global Logistics Director Global Media Director All career inquiries should be forwarded to the official email.

Numerous Benefits

You may ask, what is in it for me? Fair enough. With MyHxCare app, you will get the following values:

You can go to any partner physician or hospital in the world and they will have your health records handy to make informed decisions.

You have an e-card to be scanned in seconds, Your physician can e-chart, e-consult or e-visit you. You can also get certifications from your physician

You can quickly book appointment with your doctor, physician or health provider.

Our system and customer support are readily available all round the week.

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